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Having a smart phone is making every body
look Kinky

putting Your Business on the Smart Phone too is also a way of making it go Kinky. Go Viral

Come lets Pouring our souls, Energies and passion into building you a quality, simple, easy to use IT solution. sometimes it comes in a combination of software app, website network and integrated systems. All this can be tidied up.. by Kinky at an affordable fee.


We are promoting Getting your business onto THE SMART PHONE..It is called the smartphone model


WE ARE A COMPANY DEDICATED TO TAKING YOU GLOBAL THROUGH THE INTERNET. .our products includes all kinds of technoliogies using web, mobile and cloud.

Kinky Will Look into your business and discuss with you a way of putting it online and on apps where new set of global contacts, sales and connects will find you to do business with you.

4 trillion smartphone users out there are waiting

Aside from Providing You with Mobile Apps, Wap sites, Websites, Softwares, And Networks, WE can also solve all your IT Problems

No challenge is too big for us

our dream is to Power People to do more with their Smart Gadgets, a choice which every body must make in the process of being relevant in the new merging world of technologies.

For more than 13 years, we’ve bridged cultures and connected continents to champion communications, enhanced commerce, and made transactions and payments simplified for our customers.

Take advantage of technology!

A Smartphone revolution.
A new World we power

You ignore technology? You miss Speed, Billions and Sound peace of mind.

IT networks and Smartphone abilities can Transform small Businesses to global conglomerates with just an idea.

Share ideas with Kinky and get the best of IT....consultancy and Solution application on how it can be done with an App , a Website or A customized solution, join the dashboard of leaders, and take action to create lasting change

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do Business with us..We bet..No regrets..its all fun Join us change lives through technology locally and around the world

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