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We are an integrated ICT firm based in Lagos, Nigeria, creating innovative solutions that help organizations of all types and sizes actualize their corporate objectives through operational efficiency and productivity.


we offer the best of IT

We help you reach Point A (your business model) to Point B (technology platform powering your business model) while ensuring we capture the nuances of your business model with custom front end mobile apps, dashboards and analytics panels.

Top notch technologies

to champion your communications .
We Build and Power All kinds of Business Solutions.

  • Human Resources Management Solutions
  • Automated Time Attendance Solutions
  • Advanced Biometrics Solutions
  • Integrated Enterprise Access Control Systems
  • Identity Management Systems
  • Secure Visitor Management Systems
  • CCTV & Surveillance Security
  • Enterprise Application Development
  • Mobile and Web Application Development
  • Intruder Alarm System
  • Managed IT Support
  • Telecoms/IT Services and Consulting
  • #Making-Life-Easy-For-Us-All with our LifeStyle Solutions

    KinkyJewel builds and invests in Internet companies that take proven online business models to new, fast-growing markets. We focus on industry sectors of online and mobile retail services that make up a significant share of consumer spending: like Food & Groceries, Fashion, General Merchandise, Adult Lifestyle & Education, ICT, Travels & Tours. Using a Smartphone with kinkyJewel, people have access to all their basic lifestyle needs like entertainment, events, massage, travels, shopping, food, Voting, etc.. Our Lifestyle solutions are tailored toward making you a better person with more time to do more...your business can be found there too.. .

    We are creating Homegrown Solutions From Nigeria

    We create unique solutions and processes that aid business performance with the confidence, quality of mind and spirit to surmount challenges.
    We have the ability to understand and identify with the experiences and perspectives of our stakeholders in harmony as a team to achieve our goals and targets
    Our Commitment is our bond to fulfil our promises to all our stakeholders.with an Agility that is mentally, emotionally and physically alert to respond to changes in our environment.
    Our Dream is to build a network of companies that will operate a variety of business models in over 110 countries on six continents with more than 36,000 employees at the end of 2025.

    We look at what is possible

    We have built a high quality business model A complete solution for all your business needs We help people use their smart phones and computers to get what they need, any place, any time, offering the same world-class user experience in all markets .

    Responsive implementations

    Customizable and Tailored to your needs

    Compatible with Your Existing structures

    Website Design, Hosting& Domain Name

    Managed IT Support

    Computer Repairs/ Maintenance



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    we are widely in demand,

    .....because our services are superb

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    KinkyJewel is a COMPANY DEDICATED TO building global businesses and TAKING YOURS GLOBAL TOO with us

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    Perform Optimally

    We are renowned for inspiring optimum business performance through our nimble solution-oriented and customer-centric methodologies. Our unique comprehensive after-sales support system has consistently generated strong customer satisfaction, connection and retention for which we have received numerous awards and recognition across Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa.

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    Unlimited possibilities

    to champion your communications .
    We Build and Power All kinds of Networks, Apps, Websites, softwares and other customer business and individual based on demand or visualized for economic development and time saving..

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    Work with KinkyJewel, basically what we do is developing proprietary solutions that meet customers needs and circumstances to help them work better...

    Tony Ndubuisi Ikem, MD, KinkyJewel

    Our markets are complex, and we embrace that.

    We build our own infrastructure to support each step of our customercentric business . This gives us a competitive advantage, flexibility and speed to market

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